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Manual on "The Deacon in the Liturgy" published; April, 1981

Manual on “The Deacon in the Liturgy” Published

Original publication date of this article: April, 1981


“The Deacon in the Liturgy” by Deacon Ormand Plater has been published by the National Center for The Diaconate to clarify the Deacon’s role in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer’s restoration of diversity of ministries as a cardinal principle of worship.

In the book’s introduction,  Deacon Plater writes, “…although this booklet may appear to be a manual of ceremony for a limited audience, the Deacons of the Episcopal Church, its deeper purpose is to help deacons be what they ought to be in the liturgy, neither ostentatious nor sloppy, but serving with grace and manners, and to help bishops, priests and lay persons realize the value of deacons in  the life and worship of the church.  …The deacon’s role in the liturgy reveals the true nature of the deacon as proclaimer and evangelist, messenger and bearer of good news to the poor, as well as servant in the image of Christ.

For some 700 vocational (permanent) deacons in the Episcopal Church today, the book will serve as a manual and guide.  The deacon in the liturgy is presented in the total context of all of the church’s services and offices, and a congregation can make complete or partial use of the material.

Deacon Ormande Plater, Ph.D. serves as assistant at Saint Anna’s Church and as medical chaplain at Touro Infirmary Medical Center, both in New Orleans.  A native of New York City, Deacon Plater’s undergraduate work was done at Vanderbilt University.  He received a doctorate in English Languages and Literature from Tulane University.

The book is available from The National Center for the Diaconate, 14 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, 02108, for $6.



We also take note that the National Center for the Diaconate and Associated Parishes will jointly sponsor a conference titled, “The Deacon” May 21-23 at the University of Notre Dame.  Registration, due in writing on or before May 14…..For further information, contact either the Rev. James L. Lowery, Jr. or Ms. Gail D. Hinand, 14 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, 02108.

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